Individual lessons

It is possible to attend a lesson @ our Office in Livorno, or in the cities of Modena, Turin, Milan, Rome, London and Santa Cruz de Tenerife by appointment. The individual lessons starts from the basis of singing (Posture, Breathing, Pronunciation) and goes on with the study of various songs chosen by the teacher, with unique indications for each student. Strongly oriented on the Broadway repertoire but not limited to this one genre, you can learn how to sing in Pop, Rock, Gospel and R’n’B, learning the styles to perform every genre.


Masterclasses and Seminars

The Sound of musicals: The History of Anglo-Saxon Musical Theatre: Developed around the history of the three main media of the genre (Theatre, Film, Animation), this particular series of seminars are dedicated to music schools and musical academies. It will allow you to learn the origin and history of the Anglo-Saxon Musical Theatre, from the first performances of the “Ballad Opera” to the actual running shows. “The Sound of musicals” can be performed in a   complete cycle of 6 seminars, or in the form of a monographic seminar based on a particular title, decade or composer chosen by the school.

Jazz Age: The “Roaring musicals”: focused on the repertoire of Musical Theatre performances from the ‘20s to the ‘ 50, this Masterclass focuses on all those tracks that got the status of “Standard”, being inserted into the common repertoire of Jazz music. Songs like “My Funny Valentine”, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “Night and Day” and “Summertime” are now much more popular than the shows from which they are taken. Dedicated to music schools that want to know the origins of the tunes they are singing, and to musical theatre Academies that want to study this unique repertoire. The Masterclasses will work around the assignment and the study of specific songs with the teacher.