Sheet Music

Scoring and Notations

We are able to score every type of music in our Office in Livorno or in the Customer site, in the style and in the organic required using Sibelius music notation program.

  • Transcriptions from manuscripts or typeset in PDF, with any additions or modifications required.
  • Musical transpositions (tonal and/or key changes) of any tracks.
  • Vocal and choral arrangements from pre-existing recordings.
  • Melody transcription for SIAE purposes (with compilation of 112 module).
  • Orchestral scores and detached parts from the Broadway repertoire.
  • Audio guides creations from scores to learn vocal/musical lines without reading.

All original scores will be provided in PDF format or, on specific request, in MIDI format.
The voice guides will be provided in MP3 audio or MP4 video format.